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Save the Puffins

With Scottish Seabird Centre

Puffins are one of the UK's most beloved and iconic seabirds, but they are currently under threat due to a range of factors including climate change, overfishing, and habitat loss.

The UK's puffin population has declined by over 30% in the past decade, and they are now listed as "vulnerable" to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

There are several reasons why it is important to help puffins in the UK. First and foremost, puffins are an important indicator species for the health of marine ecosystems. 

puffin couple closeup
puffin looking over a hillside behind some purple flowers

By protecting puffin populations, we can help to ensure the health and sustainability of the entire marine environment. 

Additionally, puffins are an important part of the UK's natural and cultural heritage, and their loss would be a significant blow to the country's biodiversity and tourism industry. 

Charities working to protect puffins in the UK are focusing on measures such as habitat restoration, reducing pollution and overfishing, and monitoring and research to better understand the factors that are contributing to their decline. 

By supporting these efforts, we can help to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the sight of these beautiful birds on the UK's coastlines.

The population of puffins in the UK has declined by over 30% in the past decade, and they are now listed as "vulnerable" to extinction.

The Scottish Seabird Centre is a charity based in North Berwick, Scotland, that aims to promote the conservation and welfare of seabirds in the UK. Their work is important because seabird populations in the UK have been declining for decades due to a range of factors including climate change, habitat loss, and pollution.

The charity's main focus is on education and public engagement, with a range of exhibits, events, and activities designed to raise awareness of the importance of seabirds and their habitats. They also carry out research and monitoring of seabird populations, working with partner organisations to develop conservation strategies and implement practical measures to protect these birds.

In addition to their work on seabirds, the Scottish Seabird Centre also operates a rescue and rehabilitation centre for marine wildlife, providing care and support to sick and injured animals such as seals, otters, and dolphins. Overall, their work is vital for ensuring the continued survival of Scotland's rich and diverse marine ecosystem, and for inspiring the next generation of conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts.

full view of a puffin on a cliffside

We funded projects such as an SOS puffin project 

that cleared invasive tree mallow from Scottish Islands.

We donate 10% of profits from your 

puffin socks to

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Our philosophy

​​Restoring the biodiversity of our planet and its varied species is at the core of Bare Kind’s mission. By donating 10% of gross profits to charities that support the animals on our socks, we can continue fighting the fight against species extinction.

Bare Kind has been able to achieve an all-time high of donations in recent years. The business expanded its sock range to 40+ pairs and supports 25+ charities.

Our Charity Impact Reports highlight the projects we have been able to fund with our charity partners and the incredible animals we support. 

Our hope is that something as humble as a pair of socks can make a lasting impression on our world and change it for the better. A huge thank you goes out to all our customers who have wanted to make a difference and empower the restoration of our planet with their socks.