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So you want to support an independent and responsible business? Well you've come to the right place! 

I started this company in 2018, with the aim of bringing you products that you love which also add value to the world. This is how I've landed on socks as my headline product. I can assume most people will not buy socks second hand, so there is a market for conscious, good quality socks.

Plus with donations going to animal conservation - even better!

The socks themselves are made in a factory in Istanbul. It is a third generation family-run factory, fully BSCI and SEDEX audited with all workers over the age of 18 and receiving fair wages.

So now, a bit about me....


I'm Lucy, the woman behind the brand. I love animals, and wanted to be a vet when I was younger (now scared of needles so that dream won't become reality), but now I feel like I have truly found my purpose in the work I am doing with Bare Kind. There is something wonderful about being able to have an impact on the world with the humble sock. The charities I work with are doing such brilliant work and I am so glad I can help in my own way.

I now work on this company full time after quitting my full time job in December 2020, so socks are literally my livelihood! But I couldn't do it without the support of my amazing team.....


Jess joined the Bare Kind team in May 2021, I will let her introduce herself:

Hey everyone, I’m Jess and I’ve recently joined the Bare Kind team working behind the scenes on all things social media, marketing and general day-to-day sock stuff!

I’m based up in Glasgow so you can picture me in my tenement flat working away on my laptop with the pouring rain outside. I moved here from London four years ago to study, and after graduating from my Fine Art course last year, I decided to make Glasgow my home. I’m a photographer by trade and I look forward to bringing you some fun and exciting photos of socks, as well as confirmation that they truly are so comfy and cosy!

I wanted to work with Bare Kind after learning about Lucy’s mission to save endangered species by selling socks - protecting our diverse planet and it’s inhabitants is vital, I couldn’t imagine a world without it’s varied species from hedgehogs, to whales, or turtles (can you guess my favourite socks). My first month has already been such an eye-opening experience working with Lucy and understanding how she runs her business - I’m really excited to support her and her mission and see how much we can grow Bare Kind!

When I’m not working with socks I’m playing around in my studio making rugs or I’m looking after the fifty plants I have in my flat! I’m really excited to get stuck in at Bare Kind and share all the projects I have in mind to bring you socks that you love and help save the planet at the same time!


And meet Bushra! She's joined us during her 2021 summer break from uni: 

Hi! I joined BK as a growth marketing intern in June 2021 whilst I was on summer break between my intermediate and final year of uni. Born and bred in London, I've moved up to Warwick for studies at Warwick's Business School, and currently in my final year studying Management: most of my studies revolve around marketing and ISM, so there's a decent amount of logistics, innovation and data involved, which is a nice balance for me. 

It's been six+ months and I still love working at Bare Kind on emails, blogs, website pages and graphics. It's honestly as much fun for me as it was in my first week: frequently learning about you all, hearing from you and working out how to best communicate with you. It's fascinating being able to apply parts of my studies to this work and engage with people in the real world on how to best understand and provide to you, as customers and our community. 

When I saw Bare Kind as I was applying for internships, only the first five pairs of socks were available: orangutans, turtles, leopards, penguins and bees. The penguins were just downright adorable, way too much; immediately, I was like, 'right, this is the one (that I want to work for)!'. The growth marketing position was perfect for me - from interest to existing skills to a huge desire to contribute to something real. Something that was making a difference to the world, one step at a time. In our case, it's one sock at a time! And that's already impacting so much for animals all across the globe. It's incredible. I deeply wish to bring more value to Bare Kind and our community, and my ears are always open, so feel free to drop a message any time on what you like or don't about everything socks! 



This is Loki, one of my CFOs (Chief Floof Officers). She's a bit of a lazy one, but when she's up and running she's an ideas machine! I rely heavily on her for my PR and marketing strategy.

And this is Freyja, a bright young addition to our team. She's got a head for numbers and can often be found buried in spreadsheets.

So this is truly a family-run business, possibly even rabbit-run if you believe it when my partner says the rabbits rule the roost (they do). 

All support is appreciated, and I'd love to hear from you so please drop me a message or chuck me a follow.

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