Behind the Scenes

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you like my products and my mission.

I started this company in August 2018, born from the need to do something more for this world. As I have said many times - I am just trying to save the world one straw at a time!

A bit about me - I'm 25, born and raised in the UK. I studied Biology at the University of East Anglia, took a gap year to NZ/Aus and now I work full time for a bank. Bare Kind is my way of helping to save the world!

For anyone interested, I wanted to give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I've started this company from scratch by myself so there is a lot of hands on work that goes into it!


One big part of my job is to provide content for the social media accounts. This has involved taking photos of straws in weird and wonderful places (including whilst having a beer, I'm as disgusted by this as you are).

To start with, I was shipping all of the packages myself from our flat in Birmingham. We were only in a little flat so there were straws absolutely everywhere.

We've moved to London now, and closer to my parent's house where my Mum has taken over the shipping operations of the business. This means a lot of trips to the post office to keep up with your orders!


This allows me to focus on generating these sales in the first place, and bringing out new products. I was very excited to grow the product range from straws, to cutlery, to 100% recycled t-shirts. And at the end of 2019 I launched my range of bamboo socks! I was most excited about this product because I have linked each design to a charity - so as well as being made form sustainable materials, the range actually helps directly with animal conservation. 

Alongside these socks I have also launched a range of 100% recycled tote bags which also help raise funds for those charities.

When we get a new shipment of straws it is all hands on deck to get them labelled up. This is probably the most arduous task as it involves hand making the labels and tying them to every single bag. I used to hand write every label but now I am starting to hit larger order numbers I am very grateful to have a  personalised stamp!


So a lot of the time I am in my dressing gown labelling up bags of straws! It's a rewarding task though when we hear how delighted customers our with their new purchase.

If you choose to purchase a product from my website, I am certain you will be very happy with it. I am a huge advocate for my products and would not sell a product if I didn't love it myself!

Thank you to those of you who are loyal customers and continue to support this endeavour! For more recent updates please follow me on instagram @bare_kind8 

Thanks for reading!

Lucy x