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Love the Oceans

Love the Oceans

Love The Oceans’ end goal in Mozambique is to support the community in establishing a Marine Protected Area in the Inhambane Province, using a bottom-up, community-led approach through research, education and diving. 

Focused in Jangamo Bay, Love the Oceans supports the local community in studying and conserving the diverse marine life. The area hasn't ever been studies in full.

As such, the charity aims to establish a Marine Protected Area for the Inhambane Province in Mozambique, achieving higher biodiversity whilst protecting endangered species. This includes the many species of sharks, rays and humpback whales! Love the Oceans Charity Logo

Save the Sharks

At Bare Kind, we donate 10% of profits on all our socks a charity saving the animal on the socks. Naturally, our Save the Shark socks donate funds to Love the Oceans! 

Love The Oceans believes in a community-led, holistic approach to conservation. Through comprehensive biodiversity and sustainability research, educational outreach and capacity-building community workshops in sustainable fishing, Love The Oceans aims to facilitate the transition from current unsustainable fishing practices and targeted elasmobranch fisheries towards sustainable fishing supplemented by alternative livelihoods.

As such, our socks will help fund research initiatives into understanding marine life, and later help build protection initiatives!