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Bare Kind in the news

From the BBC's Radio 4 to the Telegraph

you can find us in a lot of places (and a lot more retailers for that matter)! 


UEA's Innovation Awards

May 2022

The university that Lucy graduated from, University of East Anglia, holds an annual Innovation and Impact Ceremony (and awards)! 

In 2022, we're pleased to announce that Lucy won UEA's Innovation and Impact Award for Graduate Enterprise. 

The full ceremony can be replayed on YouTube here. Lucy accepts her award at 25 minutes into the recording! 

Oxford Street Pop Up!

May 2023

We won an Adobe x Enterprise Nation competition that resulted in our debut on Oxford Street in May 2023. 

Alongside 10 other businesses over the course of several days, we met with some of our London retail and wholesale customers, and spoke about everything animals and socks! 

Read more about it here

MyWeekly x Bare Kind Feature

September 2023

Bare Kind piques national interest in September of 2023 with womens' magazine, MyWeekly! 

We're delighted to find that our bamboo animal socks are becoming popular across the nation. It's a pleasure to find that so many women gifting Bare Kind bamboo socks that save animals! 

Shop the socks that make beautiful gifts for women here

Finalist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023

FSB Awards

We're delighted to have been among FSB's 2023 regional award winners. Lucy won the award for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Here's the full list

Micro Business of the Year Award – Creative Nature

Business & Product Innovation Award – Be:Loved

Sustainability Award – Y.O.U Underwear

Exporter of the Year Award – Creative Nature

Larger Small Business of the Year Award – Oriel Square

Family Business of the Year Award – Hale Place Care Solutions

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Bare Kind

Start-Up Business of the Year Award – EchoMed

Service Excellence Award – First Tuition Reading

Community Award – DigiKind Ltd

Diversity & Inclusion Award – Attendable

Self-employed/Freelancer of the year Award – Interactive VA Ltd

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Entertainment Now

We were featured in a gift guide written by Yasmin Turner! Alongside a number of other brands, our bamboo socks, specifically our ribbed range, landed into the Lifestyle guide here

Getting your first 400 wholesale contacts

hosted by eCommerce MasterPlan

Lucy shares how Bare Kind grew to operate with a fully remote team, how the business hit it's first 6 figures, how she overcame financial troubles and scaled wholesale business with marketplaces. Hear the full podcast in 31 minutes on Spotify here

Top 100 (British) female small business owners in 2023


Lucy was featured in Michelle Ovens' f:entrepreneur campaign list of the UK's top 100 female small business owners. You can find Lucy's biography here and the full list of amazing British female founders here.  

The top 25 dream ways to make a living - from delis to dog hotels

The Mirror

The Mirror discusses various dream ways to make a living. Lucy Jeffrey exemplifies achieving success by quitting her corporate job to establish an eco-friendly bamboo sock business, Bare Kind, which has grown significantly and is now stocked by 1,000 UK retailers. 

More than half of Brits are determined to make their dream businesses a reality

The Daily Star

The article by Daily Star discusses the aspirations of Britons to start their own businesses, with a focus on Lucy Jeffrey, who left her corporate banking job to establish an eco-friendly bamboo sock business called Bare Kind. Read more here

Beat the Often Path

Spotify Podcast Feature

Bare Kind really hit the road when Lucy quit her corporate job to run the business full-time. That was right at the start of the global Covid-19 Pandemic. Who voluntarily quits their job in the middle of a crises and opts for a volatile and uncertain future? Apparently, not many... listen to the full podcast on Spotify here.  

Lucy Jeffrey From Bare Kind

East London Radio on the Complaining Cow Consumer Show

Lucy interviewed with the East London Radio. You can view the blog post on The Complaining Cow and listen to the podcast here

Campus Founder Podcast

hosted by Benjamin Harvey

The Campus Founder Podcast, run by Benjamin Harvey, explores the journeys of exciting start-ups founded by students of any kind. Lucy features in an episode in April. 

You can listen to it here

The Financial Times

"Pandemic ignites quarter-life crises among young workers"

The Financial Times wrote an article about how Lucy experienced a 'quarter-life crisis' because her job wasn't fulfilling her. Well this crisis is the reason Bare Kind is here today! Read the article here

(Sorry the article is only available to FT subscribers)

Eight in 10 Brits think communities would benefit from more local businesses


Express's article discusses Brits' interest in starting local businesses, entrepreneurship dreams, and the success story of Lucy Jeffrey's eco-friendly bamboo sock business. Read more here.