The Turtle-Foundation

This charity does amazing work to help protect turtles and their habitats. 

Project Indonesia has been protected the nesting sites from illegal poaching since 2000. In 2015 alone they had given over 7.7 million hatchlings another chance at life, and the numbers continue to rise since then. 

With more funding they can extend the project to increase the number of protected nests by over 90%! Find out more about turtles and their hatchlings here.

Project Cape Verde first began in 2008, when a main nesting beach was showing large numbers of Loggerhead turtles being killed. In 2007, over 600 of these poor turtles were killed on Porto Ferreria Beach alone. With the Turtle-Foundations protection those numbers decreased by over 90%, and this project has since expanded to cover over 30km of nesting coastline. 

More information on the charities work can be found on their website, or follow them on Facebook for their most recent updates. 

You can adopt a turtle through this charity here, and you can find out how to get involved with volunteering here.