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Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Registered Charity Number: 1014705

"Whales and dolphins face huge challenges over the coming years but WDC is determined to fight for them wherever and whenever we can. We’re not a huge organisation with limitless resource, so we’re making sure we focus our expertise and passion on the most important areas and where we believe we can make the biggest difference."

The WDC currently focus on the following key areas:

  • Ending captivity
  • Stopping Whaling
  • Creating Healthy Seas
  • Preventing Deaths in Net. 

Their achievements include cutting supply routes, and changing legislation in Nordic nations to focus more on protecting imports of whales and dolphins and reducing whale meat consumption. The Conservation has also stopped illegal sales of whale meat, helped ban whale capturing in India and imports of beluga whales in the U.S.! WDC has achieved a great number of actions in protecting our world's whales, so head on their website to view more and how you can support them directly in you're able to! 

Did you know...

whales swimming underwater

Sperm whales produce a rare and special kind of waste called ambergris? Did you know that it's used in some expensive perfumes because of its unique earthy scene as it ages, making it very desirable? Did you know that blue whales don't have teeth or that a group of sperm whales are called a 'pod'? That's adorable! 

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Want to Save More Whales?

You know it! 10% of profits on all our Save the Whale socks, for both adults and kids are donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation! Together, lets save the whales and protect them from illegal capturing and butchering, imports and accidental deaths in fishing nets!