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The UK Wild Otter Trust

The UK Wild Otter Trust

The UK Wild Otter Trust are a Devon-based charity, dedicated toΒ protecting and promoting a positive understanding of the European otter and its conservation.

They engage in research, education and rescue initiatives to save the badgers across the country.

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Just last year (2021), they rescued 40 otters, and released another 25 back into the wild!Β 

We’re often called upon to help with orphaned, injured and rescued otter cubs that have been found alone and in need of care


An otter, just coming out of the water and climbing up large rocks

Cousins to badgers, otters are also part of the Mustelid family, which includes minks, weasels and polecats! Interestingly, they're not born natural swimmers, so their first lesson usually involves being thrown into the water! Talk about tough love. Otters in the wild won't usually live past four years.Β 

Often, otters are incorrectly seen as a threat to fisheries, so gamekeepers and fishers persecute them. Those living near the sea (sea otters), will also sometimes fall victim to fishing nets, dying through suffocation, like whales can. In mainland UK, otters will also be vulnerable to road collisions, causing deaths. Lastly, human pollution and waste from pesticides will cause riverbanks to become toxic, and Cardiff University found the pollutants impacted otter reproductive systems.Β 

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Save the Otters

Our Save the Otters Bamboo Socks for Adults, donate 10% of profits on all sales to the UK Wild Otter Trust. Together, we can help invest in research and rescue initiatives!Β