The Orangutan Foundation

Founded in 1990, this charity is saving the critically endangered Orangtuan by protecting its native habitat. 

In May 2017, there were estimated to be Bornean, 13,000 Sumatran and 800 Tapanuli Orangutans left in the wild, with 80% of those found outside of protected habitats. 

The foundation protects these beautiful creatures through habitat protection, working with local communities and promoting education & research.
This foundation helps conserve the natural habitat as well as the Orangutans themselves, recognising the importance of their survival to the rich biodiversity of the forests they live in. 
They offer volunteering opportunities for people interested in being out in the field and making a difference. More information on these opportunities can be found here. 
10% of the profits from the Orangutan socks (coming soon....) will be donated to this charity to help fund their work. 
If you are interested in supporting the charity further there are a number of ways to do so:
Donate in a number of ways, details here
Adopt an Orangutan here
Sponsor an Acre of land here
All photos and information taken from the Orangutan Foundation website.