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Pandas International

Pandas International

To ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda.

Whilst several organisations endeavor to save the pandas, Pandas International is one of the few focused solely on Pandas rather than spreading resources to save several animals. It has allowed them to focus investment into panda research, conservation and protection initiatives, as well as working on legal affairs surrounding pandas.


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PI has several program areas, including reserve rangers, captive breeding, medical treatment, reintroduction and even environmental enrichment! 

Paws and Pandas 

Panda walking on the forest floor


As the world's conservation icon, pandas brought a significant level of attention to environmental affairs and taking care of the natural world. Native to South Central China, Giant Pandas used to be around Burma, Laos and Vietnam! 

However, poaching, habitat loss, reproductive and adaptability trouble meant that Giant Pandas became an endangered species. Worldwide effort for several years eventually meant that they were officially removed from the 'endangered' class and are not considered a 'vulnerable' species. This means we've made notable progress in saving the pandas! 

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Continue Saving the Pandas

10% of profits on our Save the Pandas socks will be donated to Pandas International.

Their programs have come together to build and invest in panda parks, protection rangers, and research into conserving panda populations with breeding initiatives!

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