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One Bun At A Time

One Bun at a Time 

Registered Charity Number: 1191439

"We help 'at risk' pet rabbits and guinea pigs in the UK get to safety via a network of Rescues, Fosterers & Transporters. We also help remove rabbits and guinea pigs from breeders/meat farms that are closing & in hoarding situations"

One Bun at a Time Logo
One Bun at a Time rescues several rabbits and is a collaborative charity, where the team is very much capable in the rabbit rescue world. From grooming to illnesses, to finding new carers that will genuinely look after the rabbit, OBAAT ensures that rabbits are being put in homes that will be good for them. Not only that, but should you find yourself requiring hospital care, but you have a pet rabbit (or several), One Bun at a Time will look after your rabbit for the time you're hospitalized. They are very dedicated to their rescue and care work with rabbits. 

Bouncing Bunnies! 

Check out the blog for some fun facts about bunnies, their endangerment status and how to save them! 

White rabbit on bedding being pet by a woman in the background

Want to Save the Rabbits?

10% of profits on our Save the Rabbits socks (both adults and kids) are donated to One Bun at a Time, helping fund their rescue and treatment projects, including vaccinations and neutering.