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Helping Rhinos

Helping Rhinos

Registered Charity Number: 1175762

"Helping Rhinos is forging innovative conservation, community and education initiatives to ensure the long-term survival of the rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat."

"We are working in Kenya, united with the country’s vision to reach a population of 2,000 black rhino by 2030. We share South Africa’s mission to restore healthy populations of black and white rhino in all key conservation areas, championing the benefits of emerging technological opportunities."

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Did you know that rhinos have been around over 50 million years? They evolved time and time again as climate and environment changed, but now they're being hunted for their horns and suffer from extremely restrictive habitats due to growing human populations. 

Helping Rhinos helps to protect and conserve rhinos with four key criteria:

  1. Preserve or develop new habitat for rhinos and other species
  2. Protect rhinos from poaching
  3. Provide information and education on the importance of the sustaining the rhino population to local communities and broader populations
  4. Sustain the species via other sustainable and scalable projects

They focus on 7 key areas to achieve these goals, including education, community and research. 

Robust Rhinos

  • Sumatran Rhinos are the smallest, with White Rhinos being the largest
  • Rhinos don't have any natural predators, and they're very gentle - did you know they're also herbivores?
  • 3 of the 5 known species are classified as endangered

Fancy learning some more about Rhinos? Check out the blog: Robust Rhinos: fun facts, endangerment status & saving them!

Man from a conservation organisation petting a rhino's horn, with the rhino laying on the floor

Save the Rhinos! 

10% of profits on our Save the Rhino socks are donated to Helping Rhinos.This helps fund their research and conservation action, including patrols ad educating the local community on rhinos: how and why to save them. We've got this design in both adults and kids, so take your pick and rest assured that it's a gift to either yourself or a loved one that keeps on giving! 10% of profits on both socks are donated to the charity, so we get to really optimise how much help we're giving them together with your help! Let's save the rhinos!