Free Resources for Small Business Owners

Hey - do you run a small business too? Then you know the value of connecting with others, finding new platforms and resources..

This is my list of Free Resources for Small Business Owners

I've put a lot of energy into exploring new groups, podcasts, pages, platforms, webinars - the list goes on! I wanted to put them all in one place for you to easily explore - they are all free unless stated otherwise.

This list does not cover all my gems, if you want to be updated monthly then you can subscribe to my business tips emails here. 

Start ups in London Libraries - If you have a business idea you want to explore or have a company you registered under 12 months ago, you can sign up to free workshops and support sessions (I was super keen for this but unfortunately not eligible, sounds like a great opportunity!)

Enterprise Nation - I've taken so much value out of their lunch and learns/webinars and networking sessions. I've joined a great group called 'entrepreneurial women' and have made awesome, valuable connections.

Small Business Saturday - I haven't used this one as much, but it's how I came across Enterprise Nation. I am also attending some of their free webinars!

Lightbulb Press Facebook Group - A facebook group for journalists and entrepreneurs to connect. This one does cost £5 a month but I have been in it a month and already had 1 podcast interview and numerous business connections as a result.

Gals who create - a very uplifting and supportive group, I've found a few accounts that I like personally and want to collaborate with 

Gals who graduate  - A big mixture of girls who are at uni, yet to go, have already graduated and mature students. Less business focussed but good place to connect with those who are looking to start businesses or looking for opportunities to work with small businesses

A few places you can list your business for free to help with reach and SEO. Some of them do have certain criteria:

Roe River Small Business Market Place

Sustainable Student Shopping

RM Independent Business Directory

Eco-friendly business directory

Just a few that I have been enjoying recently:

Squiggly Careers - Great advice for women in any stage of their life, focussing on the positive side of having no defined path rather than aspiring to 'climb the ladder' 

The Amanda Perry Podcast - I like her E-com clinic, she frankly answers questions about growing and marketing an e-commerce business

How I built this with Guy Raz - been listening to this one on and off for years now, he interviews famous business leaders and entrepreneurs, I love it!

Growth Marketing Toolbox - Giving me some inspo on marketing the business!

Google Jam Boards Online white boards to collaborate in a live environment with team members. 

Just Not Sorry Gmail plug in - This Chrome extension highlights parts of your emails where you might be under mining yourself with the language you are using 

Google My Business - make sure are listed on google, so people can find you more easily and you can boost your ranking through reviews

Authenticator - Really important piece of security to back up your most important accounts, it enables 2 factor authentication so someone would have to access both your passwords and have authenticator from your phone to gain access

 Scannable  - Great app for scanning documents, I use it for various contracts that I need scanning (and I don't want to invest in a full blown scanner!)

Privnote - Allows you to send data in a note, which is destroyed as soon as it's been read (very James Bond), and prevents servers holding onto info you want kept private.

Snapseed - Basic photo editing software but it's really good for a free app!

Canva - Create graphics and content for free (there is a pro version but I've only ever needed the free one). Also good for finding free stock images.

Photoroom Free app for your phone, it instantly removes the background from photos. Naturally some photos come out a lot better than others but this is by far the easiest, quickest and most reliable method I have found so far.