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Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Registered Charity Number: 276179

Our wildlife Hospital admits injured, sick, or orphaned patients direct from the public, from the RSPCA, or from local vets who have pre-assessed patients as needing wildlife care, recuperation and rehabilitation facilities.

The Hospital is dedicated to caring for all all injured birds and mammals brought to them. 

The UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries with wildlife suffering human impacts from intensive agriculture, habitat loss, pollution and climate change.

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fox looking back in a suburban area
Foxes live solitary lives- hunting and sleeping alone. If they've got young pups, they live in underground burrows. Anyone remember Fantastic Mr Fox? 
Did you know they're part of the dog family despite having several cat-like features? Check out the fox blog to find out why! 
Foxes are often hunted for their fur. With increased urbanisation, they've lost much of their habitat and stroll on roads, making them vulnerable to collisions and accidents. These can often cause significant damage to internal organs...

Save the Foxes

10% of profits on Bare Kind's Save the Foxes Bamboo Socks are donated to the Hospital, which rescues and saves injured wildlife animals, from foxes to hedgehogs to owls and swans! 

  • 14 Save the Foxes socks provides antibiotic treatment to an injured wildlife patient 
  • 40 socks fund an hour's worth of vital care 
  • 82 socks allows for an x-ray, allowing the Hospital to provide patients with the vet treatment they need! 
Lets Save the Foxes together! We have bamboo socks for adults and kids in our fox design! You can match up! 


badger looking into the grass

Badgers are often threatened by habitat loss (thus, subject to road collisions and injuries, like foxes) and unreasonable mistreatment. As one of the only predators of hedgehogs, they're perceived  to be one of the reasons hedgehogs are in decline in recent years, however this claim lacks backing. 

Besides this, badgers are also subject to bovine TB, thus requiring vaccinations to prevent the disease spreading across livestock. 

Want to know more? Check out the Badger blog!

Save the Badgers 

As all our socks, 10% of profits on our Save the Badgers Bamboo Socks are donated to BLWH. They provide round the clock feeding and care for badger cubs, and after weaning, efforts are made to reintroduce the cubs into the wild. This is so that they learn caution of human contact and are gradually able to better take care of themselves.

Did you know that the Hospital is currently raising funds to construct new badger rehabilitation enclosures? The new centers will include improved facilities and care enrichment, allowing the Hospital to better care for more badgers! Together, our socks can help contribute to that!

Let's save the badgers together!