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Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

As the only conservation organisation focused on sun bears, the BSBCC has two aims, to: 

  1. Provide care and rehabilitation to rescued sun bears;
  2. Increase awareness of sun bears internationally.

They wish to ensure "the absolute right of every bear to live in the forest."

Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre Logo

As such, the BSBCC is built upon five pillars: 

  1. Animal welfare
  2. Rehabilitation
  3. Research
  4. Education
  5. Ecotourism

Malaysian sun bears continue to be threatened by forest degradation, illegal hunting for bear parts and poaching to obtain young cubs for pet trade. The results of these threats has caused young sun bears found to be living in unnatural captive conditions in Sabah, with no access to outdoor areas.

Bare Kind donates 10% of profits on our Save the Sun Bear socks to The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, which rescues and rehabilitates sun bears, whilst also raising awareness about them. Their mission is to give captured sun bears a better home and restoring their right to live in the wild through education, habitat protection and species conservation as well as long-term living improvements in their natural habitat. 

Sun Bears

Sun bear on the forest floor, perched on a large rock, with their 'setting sun' mark in view

Sun Bears are the second rarest bear species. The rarest is the giant panda. It is also the smallest, most arboreal (tree inhabiting) and least studied bear. With long, curved claws suited for climbing, sun bears also have extremely long tongues: 25cm! Perfect for licking honey from beehives! 

It's said that the distinctive pale mark on their chest resembles a rising or setting sun, and that is what the bears are named after. Similar to giraffe coats, no two sun bears have the same mark! 

Sun bears are hunted illegally throughout the areas they've historically inhabited. The habitat loss, forest levelling and logging roads create access for poachers who go after bears for bear products (food, medicine, trophies). Currently, these bears have very little protection from local governments and communities, making it very difficult to conserve their population. 

Want to learn more about sun bears? Check out the blog!

Save the Sun Bears

10% of profits on our Save the Panda socks are donated to the BSBCC. For sun bears, we have bamboo socks for adults...

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