Save More Bees

Save More Bees

We all want to save more bees, so how can we help?

There are more than 250 species of bee in the UK, and populations are struggling because of habitat destruction and climate change. 

Here are a few ideas on what you can do to help save more bees!

1. Save every bee. 

This has happened to me a couple of times now, I find a bee struggling on the floor. So what did I do? I saved the precious bee! If you're able to, put him on a plate next to a drop of water with sugar (white granulated only!) so he can re-energise. Or at least move the poor fella out of the path of oncoming tramplers. 

Image from Art Science Insects.


2. Watch out for bees nests. 

Bees may decide they want to make a home in your garden. Bumblebees actually nest in the ground, and can move on after a short period of time so are usually best left alone. 

If you are worried about a bees nest, you can contact appropriate people to safely remove the nest without harming the bees. - this company can help remove honey bees only, but also help you to identify the species of bee you are dealing with. 

Ideally you want to avoid using an exterminator who may kill the bees, make sure you are asking for methods that don't harm but re-home! 

3. Bee friendly products 

Understanding where the products you buy come from is really important. If you aren't going to cut honey out from your diet, you can make sure to buy it organically so no harmful pesticides have been used. Where possible, buy from a local bee keeper! You can learn more about their sustainable practices and how the bees are treated, it's a great way to shop more sustainably and save more bees as you go.

4. Plant more flowers

Plant seasonal flowers in your garden, or provide pots on a balcony. The choice of flowers can help you to provide nectar for bees across more months of the year. There are lots of guides about that explain which plants are better for you based on the space, light and budget you have. 

Another option is to leave a patch of land to grow out, bees like long grass. You can also buy (or make!!) a bee 'hotel' from bamboo, that provides a little safe house for our fuzzy friends. Learn how to make a bee house.

Image from Huffington Post. 

5. Bare Kind socks! 

10% of the profits from the sale of every pair of Bee socks is donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  Not only are you getting a wonderful product, supporting an independent business but you can save more bess with your purchase. Shop the Bare Kind Bee socks now!

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