Species Saturday Vol 5: Wolves wolf their food

Species Saturday Vol 5: Wolves wolf their food

Happy Species Saturday! It's time to chat about wolves....

🐺 They live in families known as packs, and all wolves within the pack will help to raise the cubs in the family!
🐺 Male and female wolves mark their territory together, and they tend to mate for life (so wolves who wee together stay together)
🐺Wolves can eat up to 9kg of meat in one sitting (Hence the saying 'wolf it down!)

In the wild, wolves can live up to 13 years, but 16 years in captivity.

Wolves howl to communicate. A lone wolf can howl to communicate with its pack, and entire pack can howl at other packs in a territorial way, allowing other packs to figure out the size of their competition. 

Adult wolves have 42 teeth (what big teeth you have grandma?!)

Wolves can roam very far, sometimes up to 12 miles a day.

Facts from - http://www.wolfmatters.org/wolf-facts.html  

Amazing animals 🤍

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