Species Saturday Vol 1: The Glittering Starfrontlet Hummingbird

On todays Species Saturday we are celebrating National Hummingbird day!

Last month, I received an awesome magazine from Rainforest Trust UK (our fabulous jungle sock partner) and I've been learning heaps! 

One of the projects they talk about is to help protect the Glittering Starfrontlet (what a name). This is one of the rarest hummingbirds in the world, so I had to learn more...

✨ Both males and females wear a dusting of spots that shimmer in the sunlight, giving it the spanish name of 'Colibri del Sol' which means hummingbird of the sun. 
✨ The males of the species have glittering emerald foreheads and a sapphire throat (very extra)
✨ It is found only at high altitudes in Columbia
✨ It is also known as a Dusky Starfrontlet

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