How to start a business.

How to start a business.

First things first - why would you trust my advice on how to start a business?

Well 3 years ago I started this company as a side project, and now it is my full time job. As with any other entrepreneur, I can only share my own personal experience with you, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to starting a business. I suggest you do not take my experience as chapter and verse for what you should do but rather a little nugget of insight, because nuggets are great.

So this is me, and my bun buns. They've become sanity cleansers - no matter how crazy things get with the business and life in general (2020 am I right?), they carry on eating and pooping and generally being the best floofs, and so I have that grounding every day. The point I'm trying to make is the following:

1. My business is not my life. 

Granted, it takes up a huge proportion of my time, energy and head space. And I LOVE this by the way, I really enjoy it. But I need my friends, family and buns - it's become so important that I do not isolate myself just because I am a solo founder. As humans are social animals, I would suggest this advice applies to most.

There's a huge 'hustle all day every day' culture growing, and it just doesn't seem healthy, or necessary, to me. Work hard, but look after yourself. 

2. Just start. 

Start small, start imperfect - just start. 

I've learned along the way, I've made mistakes, I've tripped at large and small hurdles. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur. I did not invest heaps of money to start this company, I personally started via drop shipping so I could test if people liked my products - I very quickly worked out that this was 1. bad for the environment (I couldn't control the packaging) and 2. poor customer service (took days to arrive). However this was test and learn, and I'd learned that people would buy my products.... I started small, I started as far from perfect as I possibly could be, but I started. 

3. Assume you're the next Vera Wang 

I listened to a podcast years ago (couldn't even tell you which one sorry), that talked about the value of capturing the early moments of a business. They used the example of Vera Wang. Imagine how valuable her first wedding dress sketches would be now, doodles that may have seen insignificant at the time could be worth thousands now. 

So assume you're the next Vera Wang - document your journey, take photos of you in action, let people in. It doesn't really matter if that particular business doesn't go anywhere, being able to show the journey is important to your followers/customers/groupies. 

The above photo is me looking like a tit taking product photos. It's all part of the process though, and even now it's awesome to be able to look back on that photo and think 'wow I looked like a tit, but I've come so far'.

There is more I want to share with you, I will continue to do so over multiple posts so not to overload you in one session.

If you liked what you read, let me know! (if you didn't like it, please leave) - kidding, all feedback welcome. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Please follow.. and share this blog if you found it useful!

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Until next time!

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