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Bare Kind MyWeekly Feature

MyWeekly Features Bare Kind!

Bamboo socks that save animals pique national interest in September 2023

"best foot forward"

We're delighted to announce that MyWeekly featured bamboo socks that save animals in their September magazine.

Our socks were crowned 

'The socks that are changing the world'!

As women all across the country find our colourful bamboo socks and gift them to loved ones for birthdays, Christmas, and celebrations, we're immensely grateful to save more animals with each passing day. 

Thank you MyWeekly for featuring Bare Kind's bamboo animal socks and spreading the word across the country! 

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At Bare Kind, we're committed to saving endangered animals. Our bamboo socks are made with the highest quality bamboo fibre and are made to last, so that they're incredibly comfy for you. 10% of profits on every pair are donated to a charity that saves the animal on that socks. This is what we do. And we want to do it with you. Let's be the change together, and save endangered animals.

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