Exploring the eco-friendliness of bamboo socks

Do they really make great gifts?

What makes bamboo socks eco-friendlY?

There's a reason our founder, Lucy, chose to create her animal-saving socks with bamboo. 

As a natural, renewable resource, bamboo nourishes the soil in which it grows. It takes less energy that cotton to grow, using: 

🎋 no irrigation 

🎋 1/3 less water

🎋 no chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides 

Better yet, one acre of bamboo plant can yield TEN TIMES more than an acre of cotton. 

It's significantly less energy intensive, and remains the fastest growing plant on the planet. Alone, bamboo plants have the potential to tackle deforestation. 

But that's not all. 

Scroll below to find out what makes Bare Kind's bamboo socks extra special.

each sock saves an animal

Each of our socks donates profits to save the animal on that sock. We were built from the ground up to save animals. That's what Bare Kind stands for, lives for. 

Each of our socks have a purpose. It's to save that animal on the socks. 

From badgers in UK woodlands to sloths in Latin American rainforests,

to giraffes in central Africa, 

to koalas in Australia...

We're here to save animals on every continent. From illegal hunting, outdated customs, habitat loss and more. 

We're here to fund community research in saving endangered species, to fund food for neglected and abandoned species, to fund habitat protection for vulnerable animals. 

Bare Kind's bamboo socks support ethical consumption because they do more than serve your feet (albeit comfortably and all year round)! 

each sock is packaged without plastic
Motivated to reduce waste around the world, Lucy endeavoured to make sure BK's socks are packaged in a way that makes it 100% recyclable. 

That means there's no plastic waste. 

From Bare Kind's products and packaging, no plastic can float around into oceans, blocking the nostrils of a poor sea turtle, or infecting the organs of a little hedgehog in the dark. 

We're here to save the animals- at every step of our journey. 
every pair of socks last longer than cotton
Yes, these socks are here to save the animals. 

But, these socks are here to serve you (well, your feet) too - and better than anyone else. 

That's why we produce high quality bamboo socks. They're soft, they're strong, they're thick - more than cotton. We like to say that they're rabbit proof 🐇

But our socks, made with bamboo, aren't thick in a way that hurts you. No, they're thermoregulating. So you can make the most out of them, all year round - because they will last through thick and thin.

When it's cold, and you need some warmth, wrap your feet in our bamboo socks. 

When it's summer (and you're feeling sweaty), keep your feet clean and fresh with those same bamboo socks. 

They're anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking. 

So they'll keep you fresh and comfy, no matter the season
spend less money caring for your socks
After-care matters. Even with socks. 

Use less energy with bamboo socks that wash cold - with 30 degrees temperature. Bamboo socks are easy on your utility bills. 

(Ours are so colourful and unique, that you won't lose them in the machine either)! 
we report annually on how the socks have saved animals
We hold ourselves accountable. 

Every year, an annual report documents what each our socks have achieved. 

Where have the 10% of profits on your socks gone? 

That's what our impact report talks about. 

See what charities- what projects- your socks have helped fund. The animals you helped save. 



From how Bare Kind's bamboo socks are sourced, 

to how they're packaged and delivered to customers, 

to how the profits are donated after you use your socks, 

to how you maintain your socks-

We made sure the humble sock did more to serve you, and our planet. With our collective power, we can do more- together.

That's why they'll make great gifts for nature-lovers. That's why they make excellent gifts for animal lovers.

This is the gift that keeps on giving, no matter the time, no matter the recipient. And, certainly, no matter the occasion. 


At Bare Kind, we're committed to saving endangered animals. Our bamboo socks are made with the highest quality bamboo fibre and are made to last, so that they're incredibly comfy for you. 10% of profits on every pair are donated to a charity that saves the animal on that socks. This is what we do. And we want to do it with you. Let's be the change together, and save endangered animals.

Will you fight with us?