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5 More Charities.....

When I started my first range of bamboo socks, I had this increasing desire to work with more charities. The relationship I have with my current charities is very fulfilling, and I love being able to support the amazing work they do. 

This year I announced I would be supporting a further five charities through five brand new designs. I am currently waiting for the prototypes to be sent from the factory, as soon as I've got my mits on them I will be sharing with you all! But for now you can check out the designs that will be going on the socks - super cute!

And so without further ado let me introduce you......

1. One Bun at a Time

This charity is close to my heart, as you may have seen I've got my own two beautiful bunnies. Rabbits are typically seen as an 'easy' and 'cheap' pet but then they are neglected or abandoned because they're more work and expense than expected.

I am supporting One Bun at a Time because the amazing team of volunteers help rescue rabbits who are living in poor conditions or need to find a home. They will connect with the large base of rabbit shelters across the UK to find them a space, or a foster parent, until they can find a forever home. When I see rabbits living permanently in a cage with no hay, no water or just a carrot to munch on (which is actually very bad for a rabbit if they have too much) it breaks my heart. I can't wait to start supporting this charity through my new bunny socks...

2. The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation 

I've had a lot of you asking me for elephant socks, and I was more than willing to oblige. They're such beautiful animals! These socks will be in support of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - an awesome charity providing conservation support across Africa and Asia. They run on the ground conservation projects and well as fighting the fight with governments to provide better legislation to protect these creatures. They established Zambia's first elephant orphanage to support victims of Ivory poaching, and they help educate school kid's in Africa on the importance of conserving wildlife and its habitat. The list of valuable work they do goes on and on... I am excited to help support them.

3. Helping Rhinos

Yet another beautiful animal that you've all been asking for on a sock. This charity works really hard to support the ever dwindling populations of rhinos. They are working in Kenya to help achieve the country's goal of a Black Rhino population of 2,000 by the year 2030. These are seriously endangered animals, with the Javan Rhino only having 72 left in the entire World - all living in the Ujong Kulon National Park. I don't need to tell you how important it is to stop these species going extinct.

4. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society 

These cuties were crying out to be put on socks. And I wanted to provide some more support to UK based animals. So along with bees and rabbits - these little hogs will be making it onto socks!

Sadly the populations of hedgehogs in the UK are trending down. Nearly 100,000 hogs are killed on the road every year. I used to see hedgehogs quite often in our garden when I was younger, but it's a very rare sighting these days. There is a lot that can be done to help hedgehogs in your garden and awareness is key.

5. Whale and Dolphin Conservation 

And last but not least - Whales! Another ocean dwelling friend to support alongside the turtles. The Humpback whale and Beluga Whale will be joining our other creatures on socks, I will be saving Mr Orca for another project. But still these next deigns will be supporting Whales in general. With horrific images of whaling and whales drifting up onto beaches cropping up on social media, this just added to the need for me to bring out these socks. This charity helps support the conservation of these majestic animals and protect against illegal activities (and sometimes legal activities that need to be made illegal!).


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