Sloth Conservation Foundation

The Sloth Conservation Foundation

Bare Kind donates 10% of profits on Save the Sloths socks to the Sloth Conservation Foundation, which invest funds into initiatives revolving around reforestation, education, forest protection, sloth monitoring and research! Together, we can quickly save the world's slowest mammal! 

The Foundation has planted over 3000 trees since its founding, built over a hundred bridges for sloths, insulated several electrical transformers to protect sloths travelling along cables and educated over 4000 students on sloths! With such incredible numbers, soon we'll be able to say that sloths are no longer endangered! Find more information about the charity here: SCF Project Overview

About Sloths 

Did you know sloths are often stronger than an adult human? What about that they're excellent swimmers? Sloths sleep for so long because of their extremely low metabolic rate. That's why many won't last very long on a full belly if they're too cold, because they can't digest their food, and they effectively still end up starving. Want to know more? Check out the blog here: The Deadly Sin of Sloth: Sloth Fun Facts & Endangerment

sloth hanging off a tree with its feet, at an incline, reaching up to the other side of the branch with their hands, effectively standing upside down on a rainforest tree branch

International Sloth Day

Did you know that a Columbian, non-profit organisation called the AIUNAU launched international sloth day after seeing how appallingly sloths were being treated around the world? The 20th of October marks the day we're to remember sloths. We have much to learn from these gentle creatures, so AIUNAU set out to rescue and conserve as many sloths as possible whilst investing resources into educating communities about them and their welfare.

Interested in learning more? Check out the International Sloth Day blog post for October 20th (to be released on October 20th)!

Want to Save the Sloths?  

10% of profits on our Save the Sloths socks are donated to the Sloth Conservation Foundation. We have them in both adults and kids sizes, so help yourself and relax with your favorite bamboo socks on!