Save Our Orangtuans!

Bare Kind is supporting The Orangutan Foundation because they do such amazing work to help save our Orangutans!


Here are some key nuggets about Orangutans:

1. They are critically endangered. I write a bit more about this in my blog 'How endangered are Orangutans?'

2. Orangutan means 'person of the forest'.

3. We share nearly 97% of our DNA with orangutans, making them our closest relatives after apes. But sadly where humans have exploited the forests they live in, we have caused them to become critically endangered. 

4. On average Orangutans give birth only every 8 years - another factor making it hard to boost the populations!

5. Orangutans rely heavily on us to help protect them. The Orangutan Foundation has put years of hard work into protecting forests and educating locals. 

There are numerous ways you can help raise funds for the Orangutan Foundation to save our Orangutans.

10% of the profits from the sales of Bare Kind Orangutan socks are donated to the Orangutan Foundation to help save our Orangutans.