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Business Referrals


Just a little page to help other business owners out. These are all apps, and businesses that I use to grow Bare Kind, and some of them have referral discounts that you can make the most of (please note the referrals are affiliate links)

Sell your products wholesale - I bang on a lot about this company called Faire. We sell our products to over 400 retailers now through this platform and cannot rate them enough for how much they've helped us grow. It's free to use, it's free to sell to any leads you make yourself (such as current clients) and you are only charged a comission when they make a sale on your behalf.

Sign up via my referral link here and also learn how to grow on Faire via my Youtube series.

Selling in Europe - In order to sell in Europe now, you need to sign up for IOSS (import one stop shop) to give your customers the best possible experience. This means instead of collecting VAT for each individual country, this will all happen at point of sale and all you have to do is pay the return each month based on your sales. I highly recommend Simply VAT for this, they have excellent customer service. 

Use my referral to get £75 off (use my name Lucy Jeffrey, business name Bare Kind & email lucyjeffrey@barekind.co.uk to complete the referral)

Getting more PR - I recommend trying out the newsletter Editorielle for this. They send a daily round up of worldwide press requests and you can directly respond if you can help with the article. I have got into numerous publications using this newsletter and I pitch to journalists at least 5 or 6 times a week.

Use my referral to get £5 off.

Accounting - I use a company called Osome Accounting. They have a huge team of accountants and we got assigned two brilliant accountants to help us. My accounting was in a really bad way when they picked it up and they have gone above and beyond to fix it. Accounting was the very first thing I outsourced and I am so glad I did

Sign up to Osome and get £100 off using my referral code - 5U6M8H

Be a part of Theo Paphitis' crew - Every Sunday, ex-dragon Theo Paphitis opens up his twitter to 'Small Business Sunday' where you can pitch your business in one tweet, and the team will choose 5 winners each week to be re-tweeted from Theo's account. Once you are part of the club you get invited to an event with him each year to meet other winners! It's free to apply and you can tweet every week until you win. Check out the #SBS feed here

Schedule your social media - This is a game changer. Once you move from posting every day manually to scheduling a month of content you will never look back. I actually use two different apps for this. I use Hootsuite to schedule Linked In because you get one free channel and 4 posts a month (after this it gets very expensive!) and for instagram & facebook I use Planoly, which is less than £10 a month and does exactly what I need it to! I've been using it for over 2 years now. 

Use my referral for $10 off a Planoly subscription