Species Saturday Vol 16: Brave as a Donkey

Species Saturday Vol 16: Brave as a Donkey

Now we are on the home straight for Christmas, this Species Saturday we are bringing to you some facts about donkeys 🥕


donkey feeding on grass

🥕 Donkeys are very strong, in fact a lot stronger than a horse of the same size. They can also live for up to 50 years.
🥕 In the desert they can hear for up to 60 miles
🥕 And as they can typically live in the desert they have to utilise as much of their food as possible, so their manure actually doesn't make very good fertiliser for crops
🥕 Donkeys are herd animals. They woudln't want to live alone, although are happy with goats. In the wild they would live in a herd and even groom each other like monkeys do. The leader of the pack will be the strongest donkey and will stay behind to fight a predator so the other donkeys can escape.

So little donkey is pretty brave and strong!

Info taken from Habitat for Horses

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