Tigris Foundation

10% of the profits from Bare Kind's Amur Leopard socks will be donated to the Tigris Foundation to help support the protection of Amur Leopards. 

Tigris Foundation was the first conservation NGO that started projects with a focus on the Amur leopard. In 1997, the foundation secured a large grant from a Dutch lottery supporting charities for the establishment of a anti-poaching brigade in the Amur leopard’s range in Russia. The grant covered all costs; purchase of a large army truck that was then fitted with beds and a stove (to spend the night in the forest in winter), a jeep, salaries for 3 team members and funds for uniforms, rifles, fuel for vehicles and funds for repairs.

The team was very successful and arrested many poachers and confiscated dozens of fire-arms arms each year during the 10 years it was operating.

Tigris financed educational booklets about the Amur leopard for use in local schools, initiated a collective of journalists (Tigris financed trips of journalists to the leopard range and awards for good publications about the leopard).

Tigris also helped financing an annual leopard festival that was organised for several years on the beach near the area where the leopards live. Tigris started a fire-fighting brigade to fight frequent forest fire and initiated analyses of these fires using satellite pictures.

In 2004 and 2005  the foundation fought a plan to build an oil pipeline and oil-transfer terminal harbour in the Amur leopard range. They arranged scientific research into the ecological damage that the pipeline project would do, arranged publication of the resulting report that showed that the terminal location was about the worst location possible, distributed the report to banks that considered funding the project. In the end another route for the pipeline and an alternative terminal location were selected outside leopard habitat.