The Wildlife Conservation Society

TIGRIS - The Wildlife Conservation Society

Registered Charity Number: 1191345

A Dutch foundation founded in 1997. The first NGO to start conservation projects with a focus on Amur Leopards. The funds donated by Bare Kind will be channelled into field projects run by the Wildlife Conservation Society which include projects such as habitat management, population monitoring and an ambitious project for anti-poaching.

About Amur Leopards

Did you know they're named after the river they live by? Can you guess how long their fur is? Check out the blog to find out! Amur leopards are solid climbers and their fur is very effective for camouflage - so we only notice them when their tail twitches! 

Learn more about Amur Leopards here!

Amur Leopard atop a tree branch, camouflaging

Want to Save Amur Leopards?

We donate 10% of profits on our Save the Amur Leopard socks to the WCS. You can find adult sizes and kids sizes in this adorable leopard print!