Registered Charity Number - 1156882

"Paws2Rescue is UK charity that works to relieve the plight of Romanian dogs by supporting private shelters with food and bedding, raising donations for veterinary treatments and running education and neutering programmes. We also help some of these dogs to find loving family homes in the UK and across Europe."

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The conditions of public shelters in Romania, for stray dogs, are generally horrifying: stray dogs are caught in uncivilised manners on dog poles, screaming in fear and transported in vans to these shelters, wherein there is evidence of carelessness from the staff towards these animals. Disease is rampant, and a large number of puppies die. It's a very grim situation, and more information of these conditions can be found here. The charity notes how not every public shelter treats their dogs as poorly as this but the majority do. 

As such, the charity works to rescue many of these dogs and puppies, improve the conditions of shelters and relocate them to other countries in Europe, including the UK. Paws2Rescue also aims to assist stray dogs in Romania by sending over food, bedding and treats to both the shelters they help and individual foster rescuers. 

Want to Save the Dogs? 

Bare Kind donates 10% of profits on our Save the Pugs socks to Paws2Rescue. This helps fund vaccinations for disease treatment, treats and food, shelter and other rescue costs.