I know how frustrating it can be when you're trying to cut down on your single-use plastic, and companies are shipping your orders in tonnes of plastic or boxes far too big for the item you have ordered. 

That's why I put a lot of thought into how we send your Bare Kind goodies, and make sure that all packaging is sustainably sourced and easy to recycle. 

We currently have three different types of packaging we use, depending on the size and type of order. 

1. Paper envelopes. For the smallest orders, we deploy the trusty envelope. Made out of paper, 100% recyclable  - it does what it says on the tin!

2. Green Jiffy bags. Again, these are 100% recyclable. Rather than the bubble wrap padding you usually get these are filled with paper padding. They are made from 65% recycled paper, and are really strong so we recommend keeping them and reusing them for when you need to send something!


3. Sugar cane bags. A newer addition to the packaging crew, these mailers are the eco-friendly alternative to polythene bags. They may look and feel like plastic, but they aren't! These are 100% recyclable, and they are also carbon neutral, as the sugar cane removes carbon from the atmosphere during the growing process. Reuse these bags, or recycle them as you normally would. 

We also use Kraft paper 'cellotape' whenever packaging may need the extra protection. The packaging on the socks themselves is also cardboard and therefore recyclable, they do however come with a bit of tape on the side to hold them together which cannot be recycled. I am working with manufacturer at the moment to produce a version which does not require tape. There is always room for improvement!

The packaging around the socks themselves is plastic-free also, you will get a little cardboard sleeve made from FSC approved materials.