10% of profits go to saving the animal on the sock 🚚 Free UK & EU delivery 🦧

Together in 2021, we...

Bare Kind Bamboo Socks set for father's day. From left to right: Save the Red Pandas, Save the Seals, Save the Red Squirrels, Save the Tigers, Save the Toucans, Save the Orangutans and Save the Foxes.

save animals all over the world!

Father's Day Bamboo Sock Gift Set 1

  • UK 7-11
  • UK 4-7
  • 7 Pairs
10% of profits on each sock are donated to The Rainforest Trust UK, The Northumberland Wildlife Trust, The Cornwall Seal Group, The Orangutan Foundation and The Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. Our funds help monitor rainforest land, plant and protect acres of rainforest trees and treat injured and sick UK wildlife!

Dad Loves Animals.

So offer him the gift that saves them...

Save the Pandas

Saving the Bees, Orangutans and Rhinos

From Woodlands to Rainforests to the Savannah

We donate 10% of profits on all our socks. Here's where they go:

Save the Pandas

Saving the Turtles, Pandas and Penguins

From Beautiful Coastal Waters to Peaceful Forests

10% of profits on some of our most popular socks go to...

The Perfect Gift

For yourself or for a loved one...
Stories are everywhere in the world. We all have them.
Many of our customers have a personal reason to buy our 'save the animal' bamboo socks.
Many of them buy our socks as a thoughtful gift to a loved one.
We're here now to show you how that's gone for them.

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When Dad Loves Animals

The World Matters.

What's better than a gift that continues to give even after you've offered it?

Our sock currency shows you exactly how our bueatifully jazzy bamboo socks save globally endangered animals!
We've partnered with countless charities to provide THE most meaningful yet simple gift, perfect for anyone!

Help us leave the world in a better place, one gifted sock at a time. Make a lasting difference to the world's ecosystem!

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When Dad Loves Animals

Bamboo Fibre.
Comfortable. Breathable. Durable.

Get yourself some socks that actually LAST.

Taking a look at the humble sock, we knew it could be better: great for your feet, GREAT for the natural world! No compromises.

Why not feel amazing in a pair of comfortable, breathable, beautiful, ANIMAL SAVING socks?

Our socks are made with 65% bamboo viscose. Bamboo not only grows fast, making it a super sustainable natural resource, it's also breathable and durable, warm in winter and cooling in summer.

Shop our Save the Otters and gift dad the perfect socks to lounge with, to walk with at the park and when going for a hike around the English suburbs and country!

P.S. Our Otter Socks donate 10% of profits to the
UK Wild Otter Trust, which rescues injured and orphaned otters!

This year, let's gift dad socks he'll never stop showing off!

Check out our entire range and pick whichever designs you know he'd be absolutely delighted with! Shop by animal habitat or even sock colour!