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Collab with Bare Kind

Bare Kind affiliates (collaborators) receive a free sample of bamboo socks. Naturally, our collaborators enjoy the comforts of soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating bamboo socks... but they get to do so with style! We have a wide variety of colours and animals and styles to choose from, perfect for all personalities, occasions, and seasons. In return for their bamboo socks, collaborators share their experiences with us on their social media accounts: from shopping to using the socks themselves, or sending them to loved ones as gifts. As part of the Collaborator Partnership, affiliates receive a unique discount code, which their followers can use in their first purchase of Bare Kind socks, directly from our website. Affiliates also receive a 15% commission every time one of their followers buys bamboo socks from Bare Kind. We aim to build an authentic community of animal lovers who enjoy doing a little good deed every day for the planet.

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