30 pairs of socks will grow enough wildflowers to fill your living room!

When you buy a pair of bumblebee bamboo socks from Bare Kind, 10% of the profits are donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, providing wild flower seeds to plant.
'Save the Bees' Bamboo Socks
Socks that save the Bees!  Available in the following Adult sizes: UK 7-11 and UK 4-7 ...
  • UK Adult 7-11
  • UK Adult 4-7
  • Single Pair

How do your socks save bees?

200 pairs of socks pays for a bumblee presentation and activity session at a local primary school. 

128 pairs of socks pays for enough wildflower seeds to create a patch the size of a rugby pitch.

Meet the Founder

Hey - I'm Lucy, and welcome to Bare Kind! I want you to get that 'warm fuzzy feeling' inside when you shop. You should be able to love the products you buy, and feel good about the positive impact they have. And if you don't feel this way about your socks? Free returns and your money back! That's how certain I am that you'll love them.

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