Bamboo Socks

For those of you interested in how these wonderful bamboo socks are made, my supplier gave me some juicy details!

Bamboo fibre is naturally antibacterial. They can be spun purely or blended together with cotton, hemp, thin silk, wool, Tencel, Modal, polyester, spandex etc.

In the case of my socks, the fibre is 100% bamboo, but the socks themselves contain a small percentage of elastane and nylon.

The downstream products of bamboo fibre can be applied to bedding, towels, non-woven cloth, medicinal materials (bandages, masks, surgical clothes) underwear, socks (yaaas), clothes... the list goes on!

Bamboo fibre has natural functions of anti-bacteria and deodorisation. The bamboo fibre was 100% made from bamboo through the high-tech process.

In addition, bamboo fibre is biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fibre, it can be completely biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine (due to the small percentage of other materials, my socks are not biodegradable so please don't plant them in your garden). The decomposition process doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment.

Bamboo fibre boasts advantages of breathability and coolness. According to authoritative testing figures, apparels made from bamboo fibres are 1-2 degrees cooler than normal apparels in hot summer. 

See this short video to witness how bamboo is turned into fibre:


So there you have it, you know where the bamboo comes from...have you seen where your money is going? 10% of the profits from the socks you buy will be donated to helping the animal on the sock. Visit the individual socks pages to find out which charity you could be supporting!