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2021 Charity Impact Report

At the end of 2021, with the support of our Bare Kind community, we donated to over a dozen different charities focused on animal conservation.

From the Orangutan Foundation focused in Indonesia, to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation working in Africa and Asia, to Home charities like the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital!

With YOUR help, we saved hundreds, if not thousands of animals all around the world.

Just because you bought a pair of socks...

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2021 Charity Highlight

Arriving just in time for Christmas...

Our jungle range socks featuring Gorillas, Toucans, Tigers, Frogs and Lemurs ending up coming together with our Save the Sloth and Save the Amur Leopard Bamboo Socks to save 506 ACRES of forestland!!

How brilliant is that?? In such a short time frame, we literally protected hundreds of acres of forestland with the Rainforest Trust to help fund more conservation efforts and protect our world's biodiversity!

The Entire Report!

We'd like to show you exactly how you helped save our world's various species. And how we're going to continue on our mission to save animals in the many years to come!

Sit back, relax and enjoy browsing through everything we accomplished as a growing community in 2021.

Read the stories of your favourite animals and a human representative from their charity.

Hear all about the impact you made with your Bare Kind Bamboo Socks that saved the animals.

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