You could save the world this weekend.

Have you got plans for the weekend? Lucky you...think about what you're up to, have you planned in how to avoid plastic?

Where are you going? - are there going to be single-use plastic traps?... You 'have' to use that plastic because you have no choice. But this could have been avoided. 

If you do one thing this weekend, make yourself a checklist on your phone for when you go out with friends, when you go away with your partner etc. You may already have this, you know the one... purse/wallet, portable charger, emergency umbrella (essential in the UK), snacks, glasses...the list goes on. BUT your list needs to be updated, ensuring you can avoid single-use plastic as much as possible. 

1. Reusable water bottle

2. Reusable straws

3. Reusable cutlery

4. Lunch?! Packing your own lunch, in cute Tupperware, will save you money and stop you from using plastic packaging out

5. Spare bag (cotton/bag for life etc) - you should religiously have one of these on your person

6. Plastic free snacks - bananas, apples, home made biscuits. When you're about and about and getting peckish....who is ultimately going to win the battle on buying food wrapped in plastic? Your newly-formed sustainable ethos or your rumbling stomach telling you that death is near if you don't grab that chocolate bar? 

Great, those of you with plans for the weekend are sorted. Anyone without plans, or a Netflix binge on their agenda? This ones for you...a few ideas you could try out this weekend that will actually mean you can look back and say 'Yeah I helped save the world this weekend, AND I re-watched an entire season of my fave show for the fifth time, what a great weekend'

1. Plant something - plant a tree in your garden, get a tomato planter for your balcony, or if you aren't blessed with either of these, plant a little flower or herb for your windowsill. Fresh basil for that Spag Bol? Yes please.

2. Bake something for your friends/family or (my fave option) yourself. Instead of filling up your trolley with pre-baked goods wrapped in plastic. Grab some flour and sugar in paper bags, eggs in cardboard, some butter wrapped in foil and get creative! Don't know how to bake? Give it a try, but maybe don't test these ones out on people you like yet.

3. Opt out of junk mail. Not only is junk mail super annoying, it is very wasteful. You can easily sign up for services that allow you to opt out of receiving this junk mail. Royal Mail in particular offers this service for free! More info here. Another way to decrease the amount of mail you get? Cancel your paper bank statement through your online banking.

4. Plastic-free challenge! By yourself or with friends. Take a trip to a local market, make an entire meal with absolutely no single-use plastic involved. Bonus points if you can make it a tasty veggie meal.

5. Go for a walk. Pretty sure the benefits of this one are obvious.

Save the world, try something new - all in one weekend and without breaking the bank. Tag @bare_kind8 on instagram to show me how you've saved the world this weekend.

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