Why Care?

We all care about many different things in our lives - family, friends, pets, work, education, health, what's for dinner, what to wear Saturday night, how to restrain yourself to just the one chocolate Hobnob rather than an entire packet (I know this one isn't just me)...

My point is, we have a multitude of things to care about already...so why should you add the plastic straw ban to this list?

I can't make you care about something, but I can tell you some of the reasons why I care - and you can choose to either agree or disagree!

1. The 19 billion pounds of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year is expected to double by 2025, endangering millions of innocent marine animals - what did they ever do to us?

2. I was lucky enough last year to backpack around NZ and East Coast Australia, enjoying the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen (beautiful and relatively plastic-free) -  Do we really want to spoil future gap yaaah destinations by polluting the planet with more and more plastic?

3. 10% of produced plastic is effectively recycled. The rest?... Straight into landfills or incinerated - Mmm that's some nice toxic air for us.

4. Breast milk of women in the developed world contains dozen of chemicals including BPA (used to make plastic), and this has been linked to negative health effects - I'm sorry, what?!

5. I could continue throwing facts in your direction, but the reality is - every single one of us could be better at reducing, reusing and recycling (myself included).

Simply buying a reusable straw (obviously I highly recommend) can help set the precedent, but whether you buy one or not.. please just say no to having a plastic straw in your drinks, show you care.

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