What is the Ocean Cleanup?

Well... I am glad you asked.

This Ocean Cleanup is everywhere at the moment, and with good reason - because there is plastic everywhere!

It all started when a boy (yes, boy - he was 16) noticed whilst scuba diving that there appeared to be more plastic than fish swimming about. Young Boyan Slat's mind began whirring - this would one day lead to a full scale clean up of the ocean.

After many exciting milestones (full details on The Ocean CleanUp website), on September 8th 2018, an Ocean Cleanup system was launched towards the Pacific garbage patch (a massive floating patch of rubbish, three times the size of France and a death trap for marine life). 

The system is 600m in length, with a 3m skirt underneath that prevents debris from floating under. The oceanic forces allow for the rubbish to accumulate within the system (and marine life can swim under the system, happy as Larry). Ships will then come and collect the mass of rubbish to be taken for recycling. 

The most important fact here, is that if they manage to deploy the full scale system, then combined with source reduction as well, this project is expected to remove 90% of ocean plastic by 2040.

There is far for more information available online if you are interested. 

I listened to a podcast with Boyan himself; explaining how he evolved this idea, started the company at just 18 and has now begun the biggest ocean clean up in history at just 24  (The Joe Rogan Experience with Boyan Slat)

You can also follow this project on instagram (@theoceancleanup).

With these huge efforts happening to clean up all of our mess - it makes saying no to a plastic straw seem easy doesn't it?

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