Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

There is that age old debate over whether Valentine's Day is commercial or romantic. Well really it's all about what you actually do/buy on the day...

Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears etc etc, they will be pouring out of shops by the time we get to mid-February. But we are starting to see a shift in the shopping trends, now people are becoming more conscious of their spending habits.

I for one would much rather receive a potted plant that I can look after compared to cut flowers which will last a couple of weeks at best. And I would always choose an experience over a material gift.

But sometimes receiving a gift is just….well, nice! We are only human, and so there are ways of choosing presents which are more thoughtful for both your partner and the environment.

  1. As I said before, if your partner is the more green-fingered type then a pot plant will last a lot longer than cut flowers (and you can get easy to look after plants, but maybe a cactus isn’t the most romantic)

  2. Donation to a charity in their name or even adopting an animal for them via registered charities. For example, the Orangutan Foundation I donate sock profits to have an adoption programme.

3. If you want a physical gift as well as the donation to charity then my sock range could be the perfect gift for you. 10% of the proceeds from each sale are donated to help saving the animal on the sock. So choose from turtles, orangutans, bumblebees, penguins or amur leopards!  Shop here. 

bamboo socks

4. NATURE – plan a romantic walk, maybe via a market where you buy fresh produce and then home-cook a meal. It really is the thought that counts.

5. Together bands - I've been buying these as gifts for people because they are AMAZING. Choose a bracelet (100% recycled) that is related to one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, and 100% of the profits from that sale will be donated to achieving that goal. They come in packs of two - one to wear and one to share.

6.  Wrapping – avoid buying new wrapping paper when there are so many alternatives you can use. I used newspaper to wrap all of my Christmas presents – it does the job! But if you want paper that is a bit less news-based, brown paper is a great recyclable alternative.

7. And speaking of recycled (I’m getting good at these transitions) – I do have a range of 100% of recycled t-shirts that are very fitting for Valentine’s day. So if your partner’s heart belongs to Planet Earth (as well as you of course), then this may be the perfect gift idea!

 At the moment all T-shirts come with a free bag of straws when you enter code ‘valentines’ at checkout. Please just add the straws to your basket so they can be discounted at checkout. Shop here!!

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