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Plastic is a hot topic in the news, I've brought together a few articles I found interesting :) 

 Shocking figures..

These images were taken from the a National Geographic article.

Plastic Bags

Only 9% of all plastic EVER has likely been recycled. 

When the plastic bag charge was bought in to the UK, we saw a decrease in plastic bag use of 70-80%. Since the began in October 2015, the government has estimated retailers have removed 15 billion carrier bags from circulation.

In the most recent budget announcement, there was a plan to introduce a tax from April 2022 on plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled content (too little, too late don't you think). 

This information was taken from this article.

And in other moos...



Now plastic has been shoved under the media spotlight, it is quite a hot topic> I found one particular article that really shocked me. A farmer had noticed plastic in the animal feed and questioned his suppliers over why this consistently happened. Turns out that unused food from the industry is recycled into animal feed - the plastic wrapping cannot always be fully stripped off so LEGALLY 0.15% of the plastic is absolutely fine to stay in the feed. Is this safe? We don't know.. but it's being looked into apparently. Read the full article here

Small changes add up

Liz Bonnin is an animal biologist, and you may (and should) have seen her BBC documentary called 'Drowning in Plastic'. She has written numerous articles about wildlife, the environment and how we can make changes to stop destroying it. This article gives some good examples (including saying no to the plastic straw!).

Power of the People

A petition was started to protest the 'World's Largest Balloon Drop' happening over new Years (full article here).  Even though the balloons were being released inside and said to b recycled, the club cancelled the balloon drop out of respect for the local government's suggestion. This does go to show that if we shout  - people listen.

First flight takes off with no single use plastic on board!

This is a step in the right direction - but it has brought up a few lines of argument:

1. They may have replaced the plastic with a more eco-friendly alternative, but they are still disposable...we need to look to a reusable future.

2. Air travel is an enormous cost to the environment, giving people a huge carbon footprint, but this is a very hard one to fight against as we have it in our nature to explore. 

Read the full article here


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