So why do straws suck?

There is a reason behind this metal straw trend. Aside from enjoying a pool-side margarita or a mid-week G&T through a fabulously shiny straw - there is actually a plus side for the environment as well. 

It has been estimated this year that 8.3 billion plastic straws have polluted beaches around the world. Not only does this look fairly unappealing, but the impact this has on the wildlife is truly horrendous. You only have to watch the video of a sea turtle with a 12cm straw stuck up it's nose to feel heart broken for these poor creatures. 

It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose, so they aren't going anywhere fast! Which is why the world is starting to take a stand against single use plastic. 

Plastic straw bans are being brought in across the world, with many large companies changing their ways ahead of these bans. McDonalds, for example, is banning all plastic straws across it's restaurants in Ireland and the U.K.

A lot of other companies, including many chain restaurants and bars, are moving towards the use of cardboard straws - but personally I find these a bit of a traumatic experience. No one wants a soggy, half-chewed bit of cardboard floating around in their drink; but unless you are taking your own straw with you (hint hint) this is the new world you will be facing.

So please join me in raising your stainless steel straw in the air and saying 'Straws suck!'...

(Unless they are reusable, shiny, colourful and I can carry them on my person ready for happy hour wherever I may be - but that's less catchy right?).

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