Japan & Plastic

I want to talk about plastic (surprise surprise) in Japan. Not only was there quite a large culture shock for me compared to England, it hit me straight in the face over how much single use plastic there is over there....

The UK (and the world) has a long way to in terms of reducing plastic. But in comparison to Japan you will be pleased to hear we are doing reasonably well. 

For a start, there appears to be a need to wrap EVERYTHING in cellophane wrapping - and I mean everything. We were in a supermarket that sold individual bananas wrapped in plastic...what?! 


There were plastic toys, further wrapped in plastic. And in most restaurants we were given wet wipes at the start of the meal, you guessed it...wrapped in plastic.


We were at Disney Land for one of the days (I've never been before and it was a wonderfully magical day), but we were also surrounded by single-use plastic - every food stop we made ended with an excess in plastic forks; they give them away like candy canes. So they may just keep smiling and waving, but this can't be ignored for much longer...

It's not all doom and gloom though - there is a lot of waste management, many options for recycling and some of the cleanest streets I've seen in a city. It just seems that this single-use plastic revolution hasn't hit everybody yet...YET. We just need to keep spreading the word - Viva la straws! 

Oh and bringing back whaling? Don't even get me started...

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