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How to make bamboo socks last longer

Are you on the bamboo sock hype? Welcome to the club! 

If, like me, you are a massive fan of your new bamboo socks, you want to make them last as long as possible right?

Well here are some top tips....

How to make bamboo socks last longer:

bright green and blue turtle socks


1. Wash them on a cold cycle, inside out.

(or no more than 30 degrees). This is a good habit to get into with all your clothes. It reduces shrinkage and helps your socks keep that elastic snugness. And the inside out part helps to reduce pilling and keep those funky designs looking fresh.

2. Lay them flat to dry, don't hang them.

I've always hung my washing to maximise dryer space rather than to look after the clothes, this has made me re-think drying routine! Oh and avoid tumble drying - it uses a ridiculous amount of energy as well!

3. Fold your socks, don't ball them.

I am so guilty of this one, who else balls their socks into pairs? My bad. Naturally this is quite bad for the socks as can distort their natural shape and elasticity. Try rolling them together or just folding them flat (conveniently how your Bare Kind socks are packed!)

grey and pink rabbit socks

4. Repair wear and tear.

Ahhh the dreaded holey sock!! I've had a few of these recently where the pesky rabbits have decided socks was the dish of the day. There are a few methods you can use to darn your socks, and the sooner the better so the hole doesn't get worse!

Read my blog on how to fix your socks to learn more about these methods.

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