Have yourself a sustainable new year...

Aside from the obvious fact that I am a big advocate of the reusable straw, there are other sustainable and plastic free options that I personally love...

Lush Shampoo Bars

I've started using a lush shampoo bar recently, and I was pleasantly surprised. It lathers up way more than I expected it to, and although when my hair is first wet out of the shower it feels almost sticky - once it is dry it feels luscious and soft. I have quite curly/frizzy/'mind of it's own' hair, and I would say it does an 8/10 job of taming it. I have been told about a 'curly girl' technique where you wash your hair once every 10 days with conditioner only - I am sceptical about this one, but I'll have to let you know how it goes...

Chilly's Water Bottles

These are everywhere, and rightly so. They come in so many gorgeous colours and patterns, as well as being super practical - your water really does stay cold all day! I actually have two of these, so I always have one ready for the gym and work. One thing I would say is I have the 500ml versions and I feel like I get through the water very quickly, so it may be worth investing in a larger size if you don't mind lugging it around with you.

Wild Fawn Jewellery

My best friend bought me some beautiful earrings from this brand and I absolutely love them, they're super delicate and I've had many a compliment. The lady who owns this company creates all the jewellery by hand using recycled silver and Fairtrade gold - so you would support be supporting an independent and ethical brand by shopping here. Gift ideas for 2019? Sorted.

Shopping Bags

This one is a bit less rock star. We have all got pretty used to taking a bag for life to the supermarkets (who wants to fork out 5p right?). But there are still those horrible little plastic bags to put loose fruit and veg in. I'm an advocate for the loose stuff because it doesn't come in pre-wrapped plastic, but I have also invested in some little reusable bags, just some cheap ones off amazon, there are many out there! I've used them for putting my packed lunch in too. Off to the markets I go!

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