Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts

We are here to spread some eco-friendly cheer this Christmas! Here are our top 5 gift ideas for friends and family.

1. Bamboo Socks Gift Set

A best seller around Christmas. You can grab one of each of the jazzy designs in this set for just £30 (they are also wrapped individually so you can split out the set for more gifts!)

10% of the profits from these socks are donated to help save the animal on the sock.

bamboo socks
A reusable, plastic-free stocking filler. These come in bags of 4 straws (2 bent, 2 straight) with a cleaner for £6.99. They come in completely recyclable packing and have a label which thanks the buyer for saving the turtles - smiles all round!
reusable straw
100% recycled!! Made from plastic bottles and off-cuts of organic cotton. These also donate 10% of the profits to help save the animal on the bag. Super strong, super soft and a great way to wrap your presents up!
Because who doesn't want a bit of rainbow sparkle in their life?! Plastic-free and in a convenient wrap bag. But hurry - there is no-restock planned for this year and we have limited sets left!
Just can't decide? How about a bit of everything. The Bare Kind gift boxes come in varying sizes so you can mix and match all your favourite items. These boxes are lined with recycled tissue paper, a hand-written note to the buyer and a hand knitted heart from the founder of Bare Kind. All these little touches make our gift boxes very popular!
gift box
So there you have it - some ideas for you wish list or some solutions for your shopping list! And right now it is free  UK delivery on EVERYTHING. Check the home page for our latest offers. 
Happy Shopping!

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