5 better gift ideas for children

Growing up making mud pies and climbing trees was the best.

I am also sure I had many toys and games which are no longer with us. Some were passed down to younger children in the family, some went to charity shops or if they were just poorly made then they most likely went into landfill.

However, I do have some fantastic toys which I have saved to pass onto my own children one day. My Beanie baby collection for one, (pretty sure I own all the cat ones, and I am proud of that).

For a long time I used my dad’s old desk from when he was little – that is how well things used to be made!

But then we hit a very ‘throw-away’ society, which we are trying to turn around now.

 So it got me thinking – we should be teaching the next generation the value of high quality, and therefore no more ‘throw-away’ presents.

So here are 4 ideas I came up with for how you could gift something of quality and value to a child (or anyone, age is just a number):

  1. Good old fashioned CASH. But in a nice way – put money aside for their future in a bank account, buy them a lottery ticket or some Bitcoin for those risk-takers amongst us. They will thank you when they’re in their overdraft at uni.
  1. Good quality, long-lasting items. This bespoke furniture company make toy boxes to order. Gorgeous, personalised wooden treasures that won’t be seeing land fill like all the other plastic rubbish! Plus who doesn't love Jemima Puddle-duck...


 Photos taken from: Chartley Bedrooms

  1. Sustainable items can we quite expensive, not everyone can afford to choose sustainability when they’re forking out a lot on children already – so be smart with your gifting – reusable items, although expensive in the short term can save people a lot of money in the long term.
  1. Activities! Have a fun day, doing fun kid stuff – pack a picnic, be outside and just enjoy life (especially away from phones!).

  2. Create something - some of you may be gifted with a skill or craft, so use it! My mum is a whizz with the knitting needles so I was about 90% wool when I was younger. See exhibit A:

And then when they are older you can explain that you’ve also helped save the planet they’re living on – is there a better gift than that?!

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