Buy less, experience more.

I have been inspired to write this post off the back of a charity day with work. 

We volunteered at a charity depot, sorting all donations into what can actually be sold in shops. It absolutely astounded me how much RUBBISH (I can think of other words), people were 'donating'. Yes giving to charity is a wonderful thing, but do people really think donating bags and bags of their household waste (which is essentially what a lot of it was), actually helps anyone?

It got me thinking. All of this crap has come from somewhere - you can tell just by looking at some of the crockery donated that it must have dated back to when plates were first invented, it was ugly. 

Minimalism, and 'quality not quantity' are now the trend, and something people aspire to achieve. From the 'Marie Kondoing' to the capsule wardrobes, to the straight out not buying new clothes in 2019. This is now a thing, and I think needs to stay.

Essentially what I have seen today is how much stuff people buy, and how little it means to them when they just chuck it so carelessly at any poor charity taking donations. 

So, 20 years down the line will you really see fond memories in that porcelain horse's head (okay so for you it may just be a cute top from Zara, but I saw a porcelain horse's head collection today and it has clearly scarred me). The answer is no, you probably won't - so maybe don't buy it.

Instead, this is my list of 'buy less, experience more' that I have been deploying (a working copy, suggestions are always welcome). 

1. Literally buy experiences. My best friend and I did this for Christmas - a boozy afternoon tea followed by the comedy club is a lovely treat. The previous year we went down the massive slide in Stratford (for anyone interested it was a bit of an anti-climax, you're better off getting scones and G&Ts)


2. Find free things to do - museums, parks, you name it. Apple do free 'photo walk' classes. We just walked around Birmingham learning how to take photos on our phones and it was a great afternoon.

3. I still catch myself browsing a random clothes website that Facebook said I would love (we've all been there). I now check myself before I wreck myself and instead of buying yet another leopard print item, I will actually move the money it would have cost me into my savings, ready to dip into for my next adventure!

4. We go for walks as a thing to do, rather than just a method of getting somewhere. Now evenings are getting lighter it's a lovely thing to do after work and you can get a bit of head space away from emails, people and the never ending mental stimulation we get from our phones.

5. Starting this company. Now I've got this huge project that I am super passionate about, I find I spend little to nothing on inanimate objects these days. I put a lot of money into this business and although I get asked if this 'scares' me, I would argue that over the years I've spent far more on clothes from H&M, than I have on this company...and I know which I get more value from! So if you've been putting off chasing a dream because it costs too much, maybe you could reassign some funds.

6. And if you ever do have that massive clear out you've been putting off, before you donate it all to charity - maybe have a think if people would actually want those Hello Kitty socks that are nearly as old as you are, those might be best in the recycling...

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