Why are bamboo socks so great?

Believe the hype on this one, bamboo has exploded onto the scene whilst looking down its nose at cotton...and here's why:

1. Bamboo uses 1/3 less water than cotton. Bravo.

2. Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties, so keeps you feeling (and smelling) fresh.

3. omg they're so SOFT.

Don't just take my word for it, one customer left me a review: 'these socks are so soft and comfy. I wear them to work all the time'... Me too, you'll often see me with a cheeky penguin or turtle peering out from under my trouser leg

4. 1 acre of bamboo will yield 10 times more than 1 acre of cotton. 

5. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, so it's moisture wicking abilities are much better (meaning the sweat on your feet will be cast away into the atmosphere before you've even broken a sweat!)* - *slight exaggeration 

6. Bamboo is a much more sustainable resource - it will sprout on its own so very rarely needs re-planting, and doesn't need the use of pesticides.

7. You can strut down the street (or around your bedroom, I won't judge) with those bamboo dreams on your feet - knowing you're doing your bit for the planet and you look FINE. 

Bonus points? Bare Kind donates 10% of the profits from sock sales to help save the animal on the sock. 

Shop the collection here. 

bamboo socks that save the world

Find out more about the charities here. 

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