5 things you should do when starting your own company - #2

Back for more? It's time to reveal another nugget of wisdom in which you can learn from (hopefully).

Be smart with your time.

I have a 9-5 job, because I need to buy things like food and books (more on this in a later post). Every single penny that this company has made has gone straight back into the business, and sometimes I need to put more of my own money in, in order to bring out a new product for example. I have got to put in the hours to make my investments worthwhile.

For a large proportion of the week, I am at work. So how do I use the rest of my time wisely? 

1.  I exercise in the mornings - it helps get my brain in gear so I can be more productive.

2.  I don't watch TV - so we are rogue and don't have a TV in our flat. When I get home from actual work...I work on Bare Kind. The other week I treated myself to watching Bohemiam Rhapsody (bloody fantastic by the way) on my laptop, but other than that I'm using all my 'tv watching' hours to side hustle.

3. I make the most of journeys - train journeys are my most productive time, and if I'm on the tube or driving, I am listening to a podcast to give me more inspiration (My listening at the moment is 'Foundr' podcast, I can highly recommend it for budding entrepreneurs). And sometimes making the most of that journey may be just sleeping - if my body needs sleep, I let it sleep, otherwise I'm not at my best.

4. I prioritise and execute - For example for every train journey, I make a short list (composed of things to do from a much longer list), and I prioritise what needs doing, and I just do it. It's like having a to do list that nags you. Putting numbers to each task increases the weight of them on your mind until you do it...sort of like tricking your brain to action. 

Try these, let me know how you get on! 

Tip number 3 next time.


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