5 things you should do when starting your own company - #4

This is an important one.

Use your critics

People will always find ways to criticise something you are doing - good. You should listen to them, and register what kind of critic they are before acting.

The 'for your own good' critic. These are people who tend to be closest to you and just worry that you're being too risky. There's nothing wrong with this, they may just have a different mind set from you, or they may be completely right (have you followed step 1, do you believe in your product/service?). Put it this way - if you believe in what you are doing, enjoy the process and learn from your mistakes...you cannot fail, because failure is never trying in the first place. Tell them that you are not asking for their permission to do this, but their support would mean a lot to you.

The 'jealous' critic. I wouldn't say I have come across anyone like this, everyone is super supportive and interested in what I am doing, so I have been lucky. No matter what you do in life there will always be someone who displays their jealousy in the form of criticism for what you do. Acknowledge this, and carry on as you were.

The 'actual' critic. This is someone who has a genuine issue with you, your company or your products. A lot of the time it can be a communication issue, and sometimes you can genuinely be at fault. These people should never be ignored - I always try and reply to messages I get from people on my social media, whether they are loving the product or not. Thankfully I haven't had any actual haters (touch wood), but you should address any worries that someone might have, and you will find you can learn a lot from these people - feedback is a gift!

The 'what if' critic. This is someone who might just be a negative person themselves, and it has got nothing to do with your idea. There will always be people who say 'but what if....'. Yes, I could fail, I could lose some money, I could die next week for all I know...so don't listen to the what ifs because 'in the end you only regret the chances you didn't take'....and other cheesy quotes.

Last one next time, and it's a good one :) 



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