5 things you can give up for Lent to help save the world.

Over 1 million marine animals are killed every single year because of our plastic waste. 

Feel free to give up the usual this year - chocolate, biscuits, alcohol. But how often do we actually stick to this alleged claim to give up all things tasty and ensure our body is a temple for 40 days and 40 nights?

I for one know that I am usually very unsuccessful.....but not this year.

For one, I have a worthy cause - save the turtles! And secondly, I don't tend to have late night cravings for plastic bottles.

So your challenge, if you choose to save the world and accept it, is to give up these 5 items for lent (or similar).

Disclaimer - Usually people splash out on Shrove Tuesday and get it all out of their system, I don't advise doing that in this situation, plastic doesn't taste so good on pancakes...

1. Plastic bottles. If you haven't converted to BYOWB (bring your own water bottle), do it now, and don't look back.

2. Straws. Say 'no mr or miss bartender, I do not want to kill harmless animals with your plastic straw of death, I have bought my own reusable straw'

3. Plastic Packaging. Much harder to do - this is everywhere. I suggest you pick a section of food and only buy plastic-free items. For example only buy loose fruit and veg, or fresh bread in paper, or buy tins instead of plastic pots. One step at a time people

4. Gum - You heard me, chewing gum. Some actually contains plastic....

5. Plastic bags - Bag for life, every single time. Chuck a few spare cotton bags in your work/life/holiday bag to ensure you are never caught out.


Pick 5 (feel free to come up with your own), write them down and put them somewhere/tag @bare_kind on instagram/facebook. Hold yourself accountable for them! I'm talking post it notes on mirrors and doors, write on your other half's face...whatever it takes for you to remember. 

They say it takes 30 days for repeating something for it to become a habit. Can you keep this up for whole of lent and beyond? I am looking forward to seeing how you get on.

And once complete, it's time for a visit from the (plastic-free) easter bunny!

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